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Saturday, 3 March 2012

A quiet week in the garden

After weeks of hard work, moving and building things, suddenly we have loads of spare time. a few smaller jobs needed doing, like repairing the lawn which we had trampled to within an inch of its life,  and starting a few more seed in the greenhouse, but apart from that little has happened. 

I did get another shed though! so now we have a shed, a summerhouse and a rather sweet little tool store that looks like a sentry box! 

It needed a coat  of preservative when it arrived so I got to work painting, it wasn't long before the chickens decided to come and see what I was up too. For some reason they took a fancy to the plastic bag it was standing on whilst I was painting!

They obviously have a taste for plastic..

The shed was soon placed in it new spot in the allotment and very nice it looks too. of course as soon as I went to put stuff in it, I found that because of the shelf my hoe and rake don't fit. Oh well .

I finished painting my cable reels and also cleaned up the bench that the last house owners left behind and I now have a sunny spot to sit and look at my growing plants. 

We have ordered two more water butts because they weather people all seem to think we are going to have a drought, I don't want all my hard work to be in vain because I can't use my hose. 

I did also plant my first crop in the raised beds as the packet said they had to be in, in February. Seems a touch early to be planting outside but I followed instructions. The left over pallets came in useful again and Jim cut me 20 small bits to make labels out of so I know what I have planted where.

I have looked every day but no sign of them yet. 

Finally the blog would not now be complete without a few pictures of stupid chickens.. Margot decided she could climb trees and I wandered out one afternoon to see this. 

I have no idea how long she had been there, but I left her for another hour before rescuing her from her perch. Hopefully she has learned her lesson and won't try again! 

Its Puppy day tomorrow so we are up early to go and collect Gibson and bring him home. Watch this space for pictures.

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  1. you may need a higher fence if that Chicken can jump that high LOL Garden is looking Lovely!!