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Thursday, 23 February 2012

No More Mud!

Carrying on from my last post, the two tons of gravel and 1 ton of topsoil were duly delivered on Tuesday by a very happy chap from New Milton Sand and Ballast. 

We quickly realised that 1 wheelbarrow wasn't going to do the job so a quick chat with a very accommodating neighbour and we were a two barrow team. off we went, backwards and forwards, at least this time we were tipping the stuff straight into place rather than putting it in one place to be moved again at a later date. Time flew by and before we knew it the beds were finally finished. 

It was now just a matter of putting down the gravel, by 4pm the two gravel sacks were empty and wouldn't you know it, there wasn't enough... back on the phone to get more delivered wednesday morning.

Wednesday Morning, same slightly bemused delivery man, who wondered what we were doing with all this stuff, but was rather impressed that we had moved the 3 tons he had delivered only 24 hours earlier. He went away happy when Jim managed to get rid of his bits of odd scaffold board offcuts to go under the drivers hydraulic things that stop the lorry from tipping over ( Sorry don't know techie name ).

So there we were again back and forward, but at 12 I had to leave to go to my charity job, so when I got home at 5pm it was to a finished job, and it looks wonderful, Jim had even used some old turfs we had saved to repair the grass in the entrance, 100's of trips with a wheelbarrow since October had decimated it.  

It looks a bit different now from when we moved in

Now I have do all that hard work justice by actually growing something. The seeds I planted are coming on nicely and I have so much to plant out in the next few weeks I am really looking forward to it. I also have lots of plans to pretty the beds up a bit and make a nice little courtyard garden seating area alongside the greenhouse. To this end I decided for recycle the large wooden rolls that the cable for the lights came on. One is already painted and the other will get its two coats today. I think they will make a great coffee table and plant stand. 

We have been missing a lot of callers at the front door as we are never in the house to hear the bell, Our doorbell is very temperamental at the best of times, so there was no point in trying to extend it down to the greenhouse. So time to invest in a new sign for the door

An while we were at it one to warn people about our dangerous pets

A large bell is now hanging by the side gate and so hopefully when people call in future we will know they are out there.. 

Finally a few more pics of my growing stuff as that is after all the whole point of the garden.

So thats it for the landscaping, all done, so time to really start enjoying myself, Although much to my surprise I have enjoyed the hard work and have learned to use all of Jim's power tools. Those who have known me a while will certainly be surprised at that. 

Jim has a new project, starting on 4th March, he will be very busy with the little chap below

His name is Gibson and he is a Chocolate Labrador, so watch this space for dog, chasing chicken pictures in the near future. 


  1. I am very very impressed with how the garden turned out it is just beautiful!! can't wait to see how it looks with the planting beds full of life!

  2. OMG how cute is Gibson!!! K and I think he looks gorgeous and a hand full of trouble
    Sorry I missed your call the other day I will try get hold of you soon.
    The garden looks amazing - bet it will be fantastic when it's full of veg!!