Veg Patch

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Sunday 19 July 2020

Its getting close to peak flowering

Summer continues and its been fairly glorious here . Lots of sunshine but not a lot of rain, never mind, as we have the stream in the garden, water is never a problem here.

The patch has grown into a thing of beauty, even if I say so myself. the flowers are all doing their best to put on a fabulous display, and in the last week or so the Dahlia have started to arrive. Not many at the moment but in the next couple of weeks I will not know what to do with them all .

My flowers are all grown with a purpose, to be cut and given away, and I have done that a lot in the last few weeks, with various birthdays, anniversaries and other events in my friendship circle, We have had a 60th birthday and a Pearl wedding anniversary in the last week in this house.  So no more waffling on, here are a selection of the cut flowers this July.