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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Water Butts and Eggs Galore!

So it happened, on the day that the two extra water butts were delivered it was announced there will be a hosepipe bank in the South of England, but happily at the end of the report came the rider, except in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight! It doesn't rain here much at all but our local water company obviously has looked after its supplies better than elsewhere. 

Better safe than sorry though, its bound to happen here eventually so to save as much water as possible I can now store 600 litres.

The original Butt was placed next to the Greenhouse and now we had to fit two more in next to it. No Problem

An hours work and it was all done. 

Just as a slight aside, I did mention that the picture quality would not be so good for a while because I had broken Jim's camera. Well I found a company online called First Digital Repairs who repaired and returned it within a week. Very impressive service at very good price, especially as all the major camera shops I went to said that it couldn't be fixed and had to be replaced with a new one. So if you break your camera, give it a try. I had apparently got grit in the lens mechanism! Normal picture quality will be resumed from the next post. 

on to Egg news. After Bab's eggstraordinary day on Sunday her eggcellent work has continued and she has produced a small, but perfectly formed egg every day this week. I had the first egg for my breakfast on Monday. I went for scrambled.

It was delicious, As you can see the yolk was bright orange and it made lovely scrambled eggs. Jim had a little  taste, he gets his first home laid egg when I finish this blog, as we have saved the last two eggs to have them poached this morning. Here they are waiting to go in the pan.

And finally for today just a few pics of Chicken/Puppy action, Normally Gibson teases the chickens but yesterday it was the other way round, poor puppy was beside himself

Have a great day I'm off for eggs and then a bit of greenhouse time.

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