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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Its been an Eggstraordinary day!!

Just another glorious sunny Sunday became a bit special today. The chickens were let out as usual at about 8am and again, I was disappointed to find that they had not left me anything except for fertilisers for the garden. I was beginning to think that the arrival of the puppy had upset them and delayed them laying.

I was indoors sorting out Sunday lunch when Jim called me into the garden. Babs was behaving very oddly, she had gone into the garage and climbed up onto a book shelf where she was making herself comfortable in Jim's tool box. After shooing her out of the box she went straight back in and this time climbed up the garage door and settled in the rafters of the garage! 

We had a bit of a laugh and I came back indoors, shortly to be called out again, this time she was stood on top of the 6 foot garden fence, just about to launch herself into the neighbours. Ok enough's enough, Jim suggested that her behaviour may mean she was ready to lay her first egg? Maybe. Anyway she was banished back to the run to behave herself and left in peace. 

Back in the kitchen lunch preparation was in full steam when Jim appeared and suggested I followed him to the henhouse. There it was... 

Our first egg,, or more correctly Bab's first egg. It was still very warm.

No wonder she was behaving oddly, probably couldn't work out what was going on. So back to the kitchen, this time with a very fresh egg.

Its quite a small egg but I am sure it will make a nice bit of breakfast , maybe we will have another one in the morning so we can both have an eggie breakfast! That is if the other two pull their finger out!

Nothing much else to report. The rows of stuff I planted last week are still refusing to do anything. I look hopefully every day but so far nothing. 

Finally a puppy picture. We spent a fortune on beds, cages and blankets, but he seems to prefer to sleep in the outdoor shoe rack! 

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  1. excellent news on the egg!

    they do tend to find the oddest places to curl up and sleep....