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Saturday, 18 May 2013

How does my garden grow - Rapidly!

So after months of crap weather and waiting and waiting for the right temperatures to plant things out, its a busy time getting everything in. Plants are popping up all over. Some are appearing when I had given up hope of them actually growing. I am learning that Patience is definitely a major part of being a good gardener. 

So now the race is on to get everything in before it gets too leggy. Or needs potting on again!

First the chilli's. I mentioned back in the depths of winter, that along with a group of other people I met through Twitter, we were having a chilli trial. I was sent three seeds of five varieties to grow. There were a lot of failures. The ones known as Number 1, 2 and 4 were a complete failure, but the 3 and 5 plants are romping along. 

They are now in very large pots and in flower. 

Lets hope they produce lots of nice hot fruits. My other chilli plants, Dorset Naga, Habanero and Peters Penis are doing well but are not as big as these varieties. 

SeedyPenpal news next. Rebecca sent me something called an asparagus pea. I thought they were flowers until I looked them up, Apparently they grow a pea that literally tastes like asparagus. The interesting thing about them is the leaves. They are a really pretty shape and I have noticed when I go to close up the greenhouse in the evenings, the leaves all close up. I assume I have to train them like normal peas but they are a long way off that. 

I shall let you know how they are doing. 

Everything else is in varying stages of getting into the ground. The four different squash were all outgrowing the tray so they were next in. 

I bought a courgette plant this year that apparently grows upwards and can be trained. I thought this might prevent the fruits rotting as they lay on the soil. Of course once again this meant another bamboo and string construction 

Lets hope its strong enough to support three plants. The remaining varieties went in next to the Peas. Vegetable Spaghetti, Pumpkins and Butternut squash.

Beans next, a row alongside the leeks with more to follow , although I may be out of space 

I also did a bit of companion planting in this bed and popped in some Nasturtiums. 

Then on to the salad bed. The radishes I planted in pots in the greenhouse were getting very bushy so a lot of tedious pricking out later they were in. 

I have planted more seeds in the gap you can see and the net is to keep Bob and Dave the pigeons from eating them . 

I now have five very healthy looking rows of potatoes. Hopefully we will be blight free this year as they are all Sarpo varieties. 

The first two greenhouse grow bags are in with 3 more to follow

Tomatoes in the back bag

Aubergines and Habanero in the front. 

The Asparagus is starting to go to flower. Its such a shame to let this happen but next year it will be eaten. Leaving for two years has allowed the crowns to become established so they should provide lots of spears, when we start cutting them. 

This is how its all looking at the moment

So thats it for the Vegetables. 

The animals are all on good form

And my lovely old camellia has settled into its new spot beautifully. 

Thats all for now, next time I will hopefully be able to write about my new cut flower bed. 


  1. The asparagus pea sounds interesting - I look forward to hearing more about it.

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