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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Whats growing this week?

Well a Puppy of course!

Gibson moved in on Sunday and planted himself firmly in our lives. He is certainly a little live wire, more later. Of course his arrival and it finally raining has put paid to most garden activity this week. I keep looking at all my packets of seeds but it is still a bit early for most stuff to go outside.

The plants in the greenhouse are doing well but more pictures of small green shoots will bore me so I am sure it will do the same to you. 

I did manage to get a couple of things in outside yesterday. With a bit of advice from an old work colleague, I finally got round to putting in my first seed potatoes. I have never grown potatoes before, so it was a new experience.

The trench was dug as per the instructions,

and the potatoes, an early red variety called Duke of York, were evenly spaced

and then covered over. The packet says they should be ready for digging in 10 weeks so the countdown is on. By my calculations we should be eating home grow potatoes by the 15th of May so watch this space. 

I also managed to plant two rows of shallots and a row of early carrots. No point in taking pictures of a row of carrot seeds. And talking of taking pictures, you may notice fewer pictures of a poorer quality for a while. After being told quite a few times to be careful with Jim's camera I managed to get grit in the lens, so now its at the menders. I have had to resort to using the camera on my phone!

So back to the puppy. He is a happy little soul and we are doing very well on the toilet training, only a couple of minor mishaps indoors and everything else has been in the garden. He is loving the freedom and as predicted has appointed himself chief herder of chickens, so as promised, pictures of puppy chasing chickens, Who by the way should have started laying eggs by now, but haven't!

Maybe we will gets eggs this week.

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