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Friday, 26 July 2013

Am I boring you yet?

It occurred to me the other day that maybe as this is now nearly the end of the second season in my garden, that people may be fed up with another picture of a cabbage!! 

But then, it also occurred to me that I am still growing things that I haven't grown before and so long as I only stick to them, it shouldn't be to tedious for the reader. Its not as if I am some sort of genius, who knows what they are doing and can offer advice. Although I did find myself doing exactly that on a gardening forum the other day . That made a very nice change, rather than begging for help to overcome another disaster. So now I have got that off my chest here are this weeks new arrivals. 

These are the beans I bought in Florida. The packet showed three different colours but it was impossible to tell from the seeds if that was the case. Well it was. Green Yellow and Purple. 

One slight oddity. I don't know what makes the purple ones that colour, but when I popped them in a stir fry, within about 2 minutes they had gone back to being green. What a swizz !! I shall try steaming them next and see if the same thing happens again. 

Another of my Florida purchases was the Spaghetti Squash. These are growing very well and there are now three that are a good size. I am going to leave them a bit longer before I cut them. 

The Mange Tout that I inadvertently tried to kill with too much feed, are looking very odd. The lower leaves are nearly all now yellow, but at the top it is growing again and new peas are forming. 

And then the Chilli. Its that one, that I shall not name in full, just in case I have another thousand teenage boys viewing this page. Peter!! He is covered in fruits, but to be honest I am a bit disappointed. I am no expert but they just don't look like the body part they were advertised as. I have to hope that as they get bigger, they change shape a bit!!! 

So thats it for veg, now the flowers. 

There have been a few new arrivals in the cut flower patch this week and one is stunning. Its full name is Malope Trifida Vulcan.

It is about the size of a saucer.. Beautiful 

Next to appear were the Godetia. These were my favourites until Malope arrived. Hope they don't realise they have lost the top spot on my flower list. 

and then this unusual plant. Another case of not reading the packet. Two issues with this plant. Firstly I didnt realise it would be covered all over in rose like thorns. I manage to scratch myself on them all the time. This is because of the second problem. I didnt realise they would grow quite so tall and therefore have planted them in completely the wrong place. They must be about 3 feet high and they are all in the front of the beds.

Its called a Cleome Spinosa Violet Queen another beauty I (If you ignore the thorns) 

Out and about this week I went on a visit to a local lady Pollie Maasz who I found on Twitter. She grows Day Lilies. Now I assumed these were the same as the ones you get at the supermarket or buy as bulbs from the garden centre. How wrong was I. She patiently explained that they actually grow from seed. They take few years to get to a decent size, and when they flower, it is literally for 1 day. But I think when you see the pictures below. It is really worth the effort. And of course you can always buy a well established plant to start with. 

If you are interested in knowing more have a look at her website Pollies Day Lilies here

This beautiful Dragon Fly paid us a visit

Gibson is up to all his usual tricks. He is determined, one day, to pick up his two favourite balls at the same time. Personally I don't think its ever going to happen. It doesn't stop him trying though. 

Have a great weekend .


  1. I'm afraid purple beans never keep the purple color after cooking. Those day lilies are beautiful.

  2. I grew purple mange tout this year, they kept their colour whilst stir frying.