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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Welcome to the Costa Del Barton

I cant tell you how happy I am. I love the sunshine and so for the last few days  I have been making the most of it. Mostly by laying comatose on my sun lounger. Its lucky because I have managed to get a nice tan over the scar from where my dodgy mole was removed a couple of weeks ago.. and no I am not joking. Jim despairs of me sometimes but I cant help it. 

Anyway back on topic. Its been a lovely peaceful afternoon here, it seems all of the UK is glued to the tellybox watching some chaps bashing a ball across a bit of pea netting!! I cant stand tennis (Sorry Sally) it just doesnt do it for me. The only good thing as far as I can tell about Wimbledon are the Strawberries. 

Last year mine were early and plentiful . This year as with everything else they are late, but just in time for the end of the tournament, they were finally ripe. 

So off I trotted down the garden with my trug, and followed by my trusty companion Gibson to pick some. Whilst there, I discovered several other things were ready, so I ended up with the most wonderful basket of goodies. Sorry if I am sounding a bit like Enid Blyton.. 

As well as the strawberries I picked radish, cucumber, lettuce and my first chilli , a  Habanero . And the girls had left me two nice fresh eggs. Wonderful 

I am very pleased with the chilli. I have loads that are ready so am currently researching a recipe for chilli sauce so I can preserve them and enjoy in the winter. 

We were out to dinner at the neighbours last night and so I made good use of the eggs and strawberries. If only I had a cow this whole pudding would have been home grown, 

A triple decker Pavlova. It was quite popular with the diners. 

There was an article on the TV the other day about Death valley in the USA which is the hottest place on the planet. This article in todays Daily Mail alludes to temperatures in the 130's .

Well Daily Mail and everyone else. Look at this. My Greenhouse at 3pm today. 

The mercury had reached the top and couldn't go any higher. The digital readout below had gone into meltdown and had just produced a random pattern.  I wonder what it would have got too. I like to think that this afternoon, my back garden in Barton, Hampshire was the hottest place on earth !!! 

Shame for the plants though, I have watered this tomato five time so far today, not sure its going to make it. 

Well thats it for today, hope you all enjoyed the tennis, its still very quiet so I must assume the Brit , Sorry Scotmans ,hasn't won yet


  1. I'm totally with you re Wimbledon but I'm afraid I'm a hide in the shade girl! So it's been lounging in the summerhouse with doors and windows wide open!

  2. I know just how much you are enjoying that sunshine and your lounger :)