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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mind yer ead!

Cor blimey guvner!! I've only gone and c***ed it up again!!

Lately my blogs have recounted tales of my mishaps this summer. Things that didn't grow, things that grew oddly, things that went wrong and now this, my latest and I think my most spectacular muck up!!

You may remember me boasting about my rather splendid climbing courgette plants and the wonderful frame I built for them. Here's a reminder from May of this year.

The plants have grown well and I have already had a good number of courgettes from ground level, but I noticed that the ones growing on the frame were getting to a certain size and then rotting and dropping off. I thought it may be something to to with the sprinkler system so adjusted it to ensure the fruits didnt get wet anymore than necessary. 

It seemed to work. They started to grow. And they carried on growing, and thats when I realised that something had gone wrong. Last week I posted a picture of my vegetable spaghetti plants. Here they are again

And so I am wondering if the sleuths amongst you can correctly identify what it is actually growing up the frame!! 

Have a close look top right and if you guessed its a vegetable spaghetti. You are right. 

How on earth did I manage that. Now I have a huge vegetable hanging in mid air ready to drop off on the head, of any poor unsuspecting bird, or dog or human without warning. In fact there are 5 or six of them, far bigger than the ones on the ground

Somehow, I mixed up either the seed or the labels on this one plant with this quite spectacular result. I cant cut them yet as they are not ready. lets hope they stay up there. They seem to have balanced themselves quite nicely. And that is where they shall now stay  as its far to complicated to unwind them from the frame. 

I shall make a sign tomorrow something like   Beware Low Flying Vegetable!

Next disaster.. Its been a bit windy here the last few days and I went out to find my sunflowers almost decapitated.

It had been bent badly at the point where I had attached it to the fence . But valiantly it is still trying to flower even though its bent double.

There has also been success and once again its the chillies. You know I think I may just have to grow chilli and flowers in future as they have done so well. 

Finally the fruits on this bush are turning a lovely fiery red

And the green peppers have had a growing spurt and now look very green peppery. 

The flower patch though continues to be triumphant. This is the sight that greets me every day as I enter the patch through the gate. 

And in the main garden, finally after a very slow start, colour is everywhere. 

I cut these for the house this morning. My floristry skills are improving. 

Out and about. We went for a really great walk around a village in the New Forest called Sway. There is a large open area which is very popular with the ponies and we were lucky enough to see a very large group of them meeting up for a morning natter.. 

This poor little foal was obviously a bit bored and had nodded off.

Finally this lot were obviously a bit hot and were seeking shade under an old railway bridge. It did mean we had to make a detour around them, but we didnt mind. 

Amazing that these are all wild horses. There were a few cattle out as well but they were a bit camera shy.

Finally, in case you were wondering what has happened to Freda. She was in need of a little extra TLC and is currently in a local garage for a few final jobs before hopefully we take her on an adventure next week. Watch this space for more. 

August already, where has the year gone. I shall have to start planning for next years garden soon. Have a great weekend


  1. Can you make little nets slings/hammocks to support the squash? Maybe cut up some netting.

    1. Yes I was thinking of maybe making hammocks out of old tights :)

  2. Or a huge bra? Beautiful flowers Lorraine really stunning

    1. Thats another good idea, we get loads of old bras at our charity shop. I shall bring one home next week :)

  3. Loved this post. Beautiful flowers and wild horses, who could ask for more?

  4. The flowers are beautiful and the squash look's a talent I wish I had

    1. The squash are the ones I bought with you at that big DIY place. they grow really easily, you could put some pots on your side bit.. :)