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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Whirlwind Week.

No, not another commentary on the weather, finally that appears to have sorted it self out. Instead a reference to my life since the last post. 

As usual we had arranged far too much to do in the time available. Visitors from around the world continue to arrive and depart. In the last 48 hours we have had visitors from France and Spain. 

I normally write about my garden first and other stuff later but not today. The French visitors were very welcome especially as they brought something we have been waiting for .. Yes finally .... Freda has arrived. 

She is absolutely beautiful... OK now the garden. 

Luckily , everything is now pretty good at looking after itself as I have been distracted . Fruit, Flowers and Veg are all just about ready. We have already had peas so I thought maybe we could try the Mange Tout & Potatoes. 

So I dug a couple of plants to see what was what.. 

These were all I got from three plants. Very colourful but tiny. So I shall be leaving them a few more weeks to see what happens. As I have grown all Sarpo varieties I am happy to report there is no sign of blight.

The Mange Tout were far more successful

There are enough now for another dinner and the plants  are covered in flowers.

Elsewhere lots of other things are growing but not ready to eat. I think we are going to have a bumper strawberry season

And the greenhouse Aubergines are covered in tiny fruits

 The Asparagus peas I got from Rebecca in the last round of Seedypenpals are stunning plants and have really unusual shaped pea pods on them 

Courgettes and Chilli are abundant. 

I am so pleased how its all doing as we have had such a horrid year so far. I have high hopes that in a week or so I wont be buying veg or salad at all. 

And then my new project, the cut flowers. The Sweet peas are stunning and the smell is out of this world, I have so many that my neighbours are currently enjoying them as well 

I got a couple of lovely old cut glass vases today at my charity shop to be filled with all the others that are so almost ready to flower

I got these seeds in a free giveaway to encourage Bees into the garden. I have lost the packet and dont know what they are called but they are beautiful and doing the job.. I think they are something like Phycalia? 

and finally this enormous beetle made himself comfortable on Gibson's blanket.. 

Have a great week 


  1. wow, a stag beetle! Lucky you!

  2. I've never seen a stag beetle but live in hope!

    Good to see everything growing away so well. It's like someone waves a magic wand and everywhere becomes green.