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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Someone switched the sun back on !!

Morning. Sorry I haven't posted for a while , but to be frank, I had nothing to write about. So rather than bore you, I decided not to write anything. 

Those of you that live in the UK will know that over the last few weeks we have had the coldest weather since 1962. Now I was around last time but dont really remember how cold it was. I will remember this time though. Everything stopped growing. Its been bleak to say the least. Even the chirpy weather people on TV were getting less chirpy by the day. But yesterday, as if by magic, Someone found the switch and turned the sun back on. There seemed to be a great collective sigh as it warmed up throughout the day and all the plants began to shake off their overcoats and take some sun. 

Gibson and the hens spent the day frolicking (Yes really) on the lawn. and I finally managed several hours in the veg patch without turning blue. I actually got so hot at one point I took my jumper off!! 

So back to the plants. whats been growing (Or not) prior to the very cold spell, some stuff had already got going. I had planted more in heated propagators and that is now growing well. 

The greenhouse is looking pretty full. 

One victim of the cold were my cucumber plants. Stupidly, I took them out of the propagator as they were getting too big, this is the result.

Luckily, they are hardy little plants and are now growing fresh leaves. 

My toilet roll leeks are doing very well

And so are the tomatoes and peas

I have a very nice Tarragon plant waiting to go in the herb bed

My fancy vegetable spaghetti are doing well, as are the pumpkins, beans and courgettes. 

and on the flower front, so far I have antirrunhum, nasturtium, sweet peas, lupins, cosmos and many others just starting to grow. 

Stuff is going on outside as well. The Champagne Rhubarb I planted last year is coming back strongly. I am really looking forward to eating this, as last year I had to leave it to get established. 

I finally planted my shallots. Four weeks later than last year, but I am sure they will catch up. 

Finally a bit of raised bed maintenance was required. Some of the corners have started to spread a bit and they also need a new coat of preservative. 

Jim used some straps to secure them and then a quick coat of paint and they are as good as new again.

Hopefully thats the end of the cold and now things will start to get going outside. There are very few leaves on the trees and even my camellia which has normally finished by now, hasn't flowered yet. 

We were hoping to have a date by now for the arrival of our other new hobby, the TR6, but bad weather in Southern France has delayed its completion, so maybe next month.. 

Off out for a walk now and then another afternoon down on the Veg Patch. 

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  1. I posted photos of my camellia over the last five years and the difference this year is remarkable.