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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Finally - Flowers

Suddenly, on Thursday it got very springlike in the Garden. The plants, that had been waiting patiently for a bit of warmth burst into life. 

My previously pot bound camellia has started to show its true colours. 

and another smaller one I planted out earlier has the most flowers on it I have ever seen. 

I seem to owe them both an apology for trapping them in pots for so many years. On the opposite side of that argument though, They would not have survived in the soil of my previous home. 

We have loads of Daffs now. Last year the, then Juvenile hens caused them lots of damage, but now I have them protected and they are looking very jaunty, bobbing in the wind

The very large evergreen clematis on the veg patch has produced flowers very quickly, there were no buds at the beginning of the week, now there are lots of these.. 

And the Three Cornered Leeks are flowering as well 

Some plants have suffered badly. This is my beautiful Arum Lilly, which was already flowering this time last year

I should have a least one giant Daisy

In the greenhouse, I have had to start potting stuff on. They have grown out of the first pots, but its still not warm enough for things to go out. 

The Chilli plants are growing very well

and the Aubergines were ready for new pots

I have so much stuff in the greenhouse, I am operating a triple level growing system, things get moved up, the bigger they get. 

I had a moment of great excitement on Thursday evening when I noticed that this habanero plant has a very small flower bud forming at the centre. Not long now and I will have my first chilli of the year. 

Even Gibson was pleased. 

Out and about this weekend, Jim and I are marshalling at a classic car event in the New Forest, We are looking forward to it and I will share a few pictures next time. Have a great weekend. The sun is shining, so its time to get outdoors


  1. No camellia flowers for us yet. Doesn't even look close but maybe they will sprint to produce. (or not)

    1. Wrong - just noticed some flowers on the early flowering camellai - we should have been early!

  2. Everything seems to be growing so nicely and make sure you keep Gibson (dog) away from the chillies :( Dogs can be very curious at times and that would be a bite he won't forget.