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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nearly Wordless Wednesday..

As an explanation to those who don't write or read many blogs, Wordless Wednesday is just that. Its a day when Bloggers take the opportunity to simply publish photographs. 

My blog has now run through a whole years cycle of gardening, at the moment, the seedlings are all growing strongly and the rest of the garden is finally coming back to life. So rather than bore you with my witterings about a garden, which at the moment, would read exactly the same as a blog I wrote this time last year, I have decided just to publish pictures and let you make up your own words to go with them. 


The Pollinators are back !! 

Have a Great Week 


  1. One of our camellias still only has one flower open and is home to a nesting blackbird which will scupper my trimming regime!

    What an incredibly tidy greenhouse!

  2. It all looks beautiful - immaculate. I have identified most of the seedlings I think - I'm growing some similar things. I get a bit panicky at this time of year with all of the babies in the windowsills needing watering and potting on and hardening off and planting out. It overwhelms me! Once they are all in the ground I will calm down a bit. Hopefully.