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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Does anyone remember the sun?

Another depressing few days of rain are making my me wonder if it will ever be sunny again. We have had the odd ray over the last few days and have tried to make the most of it, but it seems we are doomed to live under a grey wet blanket for at least the next three days. 

It is of course, now officially Spring and in the hope that it will eventually arrive I have been planting, and things are growing, albeit very slowly. So here is a selection of photos of all the nice things that hopefully will make it outside one day soon

Chillies - Various Varieties

Tomatoes - Alicante these actually were big enough to be potted on. 

 Aubergines - my first ever attempt so should be interesting

 Sweet peas

Leeks - Musselburgh, same variety as last year, they were wonderful

Cucumber - Another first attempt doing well

Garden Peas - Meteor

Sprouts, Cabbage, French Beans, Lettuce, Peppers, Pumpkins, Courgettes and others.


and finally Antirrhinum

 Nothing much else to report, we have been very busy in the house so no adventures lately. Hopefully they will begin again soon. To finish a short video of Gibson enjoying a bit of very rare sunshine on the beach

It can only get better. These flowers won't give up


  1. No sun forecast for the immediate or near future - it is depressing!

  2. It certainly is. And the forecast for here has just got worse for the weekend..

  3. Hello, I agree that this winter seems never-ending, with snow forecast here later. You are a little ahead of me; but I'm also planting many of the same seeds including Alicante and Musselburgh. I also always plant cosmos and antirrhinum for reliable, late summer colour. Gibson looks lovely.

  4. Is it ever nice to see green growing things! We just got another storm and the snow is DEEP - nothing growing here yet for a while! :(

  5. You have tons growing! I love this! Warmer here today, I think there is hope for us all!!