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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Things are sprouting..

Not much to report this week as the weather has been against us a bit. Unlike most of the UK though, we had about 1 inch of snow, which was gone in about 4 hours. Thats not what stopped us. The ground has been frozen solid for days, and now its a soggy mess. The sun was on it yesterday so we are hopping that today we can get back out and finish the raised beds as I want to start planting outside.

The Chickens are settling in nicely. We have spent a bit of time trying to get them to respond to us and have had some success by training them with a small tub of corn. We can get them to follow us around now by shaking the corn. I think I shall become a chicken whisperer....

The names still haven't been assigned because we can't tell them apart very well, two are identical twins and the third is slightly different but if we go by feather markings and they malt we are in trouble, so after a bit of research Jim located some coloured leg rings, we are just waiting for the postie ( Who is still wearing shorts!) to deliver them. Once we can give them a colour each we will name them. 

Our neighbours had a shed base built on monday and they asked if we would like the topsoil that was dug out. Well of course, and it was very good quality, it did though mean a very long walk over two gravel drives with a heavy wheelbarrow. I started at about 9.30 yesterday and by 2.30pm the job was done. I noticed a couple of rather juicy worms so picked them out and thought I would see if the chicks would fancy there first meat meal. They seem to enjoy it. Have a look at the video 

In case your wondering, I have a camera in my pocket all the time now as you never know whats going to happen here!

And finally to explain the title of this entry.  Last week I planted my first seeds and I have been checking every day to see whats going on. A very exciting moment on monday when I took the lid of the propagator and saw that the Broccoli had made an appearance. 

Ok I know its only 1 seed and you can barely see it but its my first vegetable for the garden....Off outside now lets hope we can get more done today if the weather lets us. 

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