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Friday, 3 February 2012

Its Been a Bit Chilly!

So winter has finally arrived here, but at least as we are so far south we haven't had any snow yet, but its certainly been a bit chilly. It hasn't stopped us from getting outside though and more jobs have been completed this week. 

Monday saw the chaps from Ashley Tree Surgeons return to finish the fence. It was pretty grim with some nasty sleety rain but they didn't seem to mind and they rapidly got on with the job in hand, Many hot drinks and half a lemon drizzle cake later the fence was replaced and looks very smart.

I was always aware that it is my job to now paint the new fence. I stood looking at the large job ahead of me and commented to the fencer that I was not looking forward to it. I was delighted when he said that as the wood was new and still green it should not be painted until it has dried out, he said it would need at least a summer of sun on it first. Hurray a reprieve for me, for now anyway, I still have the summer house to paint though, maybe next week..

Wood has been a definite theme this week. Wednesday was scaffold board day. I went off to my charity job shop just as the lorry from Romsey Reclamation arrived. By the time I got home Jim had moved it all into the back garden. Although I had paid for it by the foot, they had sent far more than we ordered which will come in useful for other projects. Jim did take some pictures before he moved it. 

By the time I got home, it was laid out in place in the back.

Now all we needed to do was cut it to size and give it a coat of wood preservative. Not quite so quick as it sounds. I had no idea how heavy scaffold boards are and they were very dusty and muddy so a lot of preparation was needed before the paint. on top of all of that it didn't get above freezing all day yesterday, even with the sun on us but we got on with it.

By the time the sun went down there were three completed beds. Today we are going to do as many more as we can in the space available and then have a bit of a general tidy up. Its become a bit messy with all the jobs going on.

The electrician Mike worked in freezing weather outdoors all week and has finished the lighting and power outside. It was worth the effort last night when we could finally look out on a very nicely lit garden. I was a bit worried we may dazzle the neighbours but thats not the case. 

Today I am expecting a ton of horse manure to be delivered from a local farm so my day is basically all about shovelling s@*t..

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