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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Back from the sea and into the Garden..

2012 is here and the first full year in the garden is beginning. 

There have been no updates for a while as we were lucky enough to have a rather long holiday to some very sunny paces and only got back yesterday. So now its time to carry on the story of my Vegetable Patch.

The last week we were in the UK, before Christmas, began on a rather windy note. We were battling to finish the greenhouse construction before we left the Uk on the 17th December, but the weather was against us. We went to bed on the 12th and listened to gales blowing all around us.

Next morning a quick inspection revealed some sorry sights. The fence along one side was broken in several places and a small eucalyptus tree had given up and laid down on the lawn! 

We knew this tree had rooting issues because the previous owner of the house had tied the tree to the fence, we had released it a few weeks previously, but if only we had known then that the reclining tree was the least of our problems. 

The fence post behind the tree was broken, it backs onto a stream, and is very difficult to get to unless you wade up to it. As we were shortly off on holiday time was against us , jim did his best to prop up the fence, planning to repair it when we got back. ( More Later)

The roots were not too damaged so we decided to try and stand it back up and see what happens. The tree was top heavy so a drastic prune was required and then some way of propping it up needed. 

In previous entries you will have seen that Jim was rather good at making bits and pieces out of old pallets, so after a bit of thought he came up with some rather nifty wedges which were duly placed around the limp Eucalyptus.  

A few more bits of pallet came in handy to prop a couple of broken posts on the other side, we then had to leave them for a bit of post holiday repair.

The greenhouse was almost complete at this point, and after the staging was installed (and then taken down again, after I discovered I had not taken into account the floor was not level, so the height was wrong ) and then installed again, by a rather cross husband, the first plant was able to take its place on the shelf. 

So whats left to do in the greenhouse - Level the floor properly, build some more staging install some power and lighting and then get growing..  The floor should be done this week and the electrician arrives Monday to install power all over the garden with some nice lights. 

Also happening this week, finally after a long wait the Summerhouse arrives on Thursday, we have though discovered that we will have to dismantle our side porch to get it into the garden, Oh well as if we didn't have enough to do already. 

Things should start moving on rapidly now, I really can't wait to finally grow something.. Just to finish off for today, some pictures we I took in Ponta Degardo in The Azores.

Happy New Year

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