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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Another week another building.

Since the beginning of this project I had planned to have chickens in the garden. Now that most of the major work is done it was time to start considering what sort ,and where they would live. 

I want them to live in the allotment end of the garden, but obviously don't want them to roam around in there and eat all my shoots, so we decided that a run close to the fence and gate would be the idea solution. 

I had no idea what an enormous amount of chicken related items were available and have spent the weekend trailing through the amazing array of henhouses and eco lodges available for them to live in. 

I originally planned on having 6 or so but quickly realised that all that would do is keep the whole street in eggs and cost me a fortune, so we have downsized and now plan on getting three. Two pretty normal ones and one fancy one. 

The breeds are numerous so at the moment we haven't decided which to get, but I have chosen the house. had the perfect house that fits right into the space we have allocated so an order was duly placed . The delivery man arrives on Tuesday so hopefully by the end of the week the chickens will be in residence. The house I picked is called the Devon with a Double run. 

The pictures are from the Chicken Coop direct website.

Rather pretty I think you will agree. Now the next challenge is to think of names! Suggestions great fully received.

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