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Sunday, 11 December 2011

All glazed over!

The Greenhouse build has been a long and complicated event but as the title implies, it now stands proudly in the allotment with all its glass in place. There are still finishing off things to do, and the inside to be kitted out, but I am delighted.

SInce my last posting, the weather has been against us. We got up the 2nd day of the build to discover the gable end we had left on the lawn was covered in ice! 

I know its December but it was a bit of a shock and very cold on the poor hands, anyway, we carried on but I was apparently not helping much, so was allocated the task of putting together the window frames whilst Jim worked on the very complicated gable ends.

Doors next. At this point I wished that I had gone for the simple one door option rather than the fancy double sliding door combo... Another few hours later and several cups of tea, and the doors were assembled. 

Finally the bits and pieces could move to their final resting place and be joined together.

Of course,  the ground wasn't level, various holes were dug and bits of dirt levelled out and after a day, final construction could go ahead. I of course hadn't helped matters much by putting together the two opening window frames back to front! Weather conditions were deteriorating but Jim laboured on and the greenhouse was whole...

Now it was the turn of the glass to go in but before that, I spent a worried evening wondering how much of the frame would be left after very high winds hit the Uk. Next morning it was still in place exactly where Jim  left it.. and the glass started to make its journey from the garage to the allotment. 

So the main work is done, Its up, Its very square and level and concreted into place and its watertight... now time to tart it up a bit. I ordered some fancy shelves and staging and also a rainwater collection kit to attach to my water butt, so if it ever stops raining, we shall get down to the end of the garden and finish off the work.  Thanks to my very patient husband for a great job.. On a final note, I shall be sending an email to whoever wrote the instruction booklet and ask him to do it again in English! 

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