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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Finished! well sort of

I left you last with news of an almost finished summerhouse and Greenhouse. Its been another busy week, with lists of inside jobs being done, as well as continuing with the stuff outside. 

The summerhouse as you know has a problem, the wrong side panels. After spending the weekend with the building, I decided that there is more than enough light with the existing windows, so I made a call to the company that sent us the wrong ones in the first place. We are currently negotiating a compensation package in liue of having the new panels made and fitted, so watch this space, but the summerhouse is going to stay as it is. With this in mind Jim got on and fitted all the pretty bits to finish it off. It looks lovely.

The electrician came on Monday but only did the inside work, so at the moment it is still waiting for power, but he is coming back next week and it should be finally finished. 

The Greenhouse meanwhile only needed a level floor. I had intended just to have a soil floor but it was obvious this was not going to work, so Jim came up with a new plan that involved slabs and pea shingle. A couple of early morning trips to B & Q and he had the slabs and sand and on Tuesday morning the local quarry delivered a ton of pea shingle in a large bag on the front drive. It was my job to move it to the back  (more later). A few hours hard work and the floor was level and looking good.

Once the floor was in the final metal staging was put together and apart from power the greenhouse is now ready and waiting for it first plants .

Now the shingle. As I said, it was delivered on the front drive in a very large plastic bag, we need it in the back so I spent hours walking back and forward with my wheelbarrow moving the stuff. We wanted to keep it all together so devised a plan which meant moving it into our garden waste sacks, but we obviously need these so, when the bag at the front was nearly empty I moved that to the back and shovelled all of the shingle back into it from the waste sacks. 

I now have aches in places I didn't know I had muscles, but I was really pleased I did it, even if it did take me about 6 hours.

The weather is not so good now, so no more outdoor jobs this week, but plenty to do inside. The power should be done by this time next week so I am going to spend the weekend planning my beds and deciding what to plant and when. Maybe next week there may actually be something growing out there!

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