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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tree Trimming

Its early Thursday Morning, far too early for someone who is retired to be out of bed.. (Well its 8.30ish ) and the Tree surgeons have just arrived. The edge of the veg patch was lined with Leylandi by the last owner and they need some serious attention so hopefully in the next hour, I will have claimed back a couple of feet of garden.

Other news, there is a good chance the greenhouse will arrive at the weekend. Its apparently being delivered to our supplier today and he needs to check its all there before it comes out to me, so watch this space for construction photos next week. 

Finally off to the garden centre later for a wheelbarrow. Have set my heart on a rather fancy purple wheelbarrow that I saw last week. After looking on the internet, we can't find it anywhere cheaper so off to get it this afternoon.

Its a County Clipper and is very lightweight and easy to wheel, (Well it was in the shop) so I shall look forward to moving stuff in it soon.

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