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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The bin gets fed!

The trailer was the next new toy to arrive. Jim went off after breakfast yesterday to meet a chap in the next town who was selling his small trailer, I only just had time to get myself dressed and he was back with his newest toy. 

A photo shot was duly organised and I felt it was time to get the new Wellies on. 

After a quick demonstration of how it tipped up I headed of to my garden. It was once again a beautiful day, 31st October and no coat! It was time to set up the composter. I had previously chosen what I thought was the most appropriate spot so armed with a spirit level and a spade I started to level the ground. 
About 20 minutes later the job was done. I had picked the spot because it was in a corner and out of the way. I suppose it would have helped if I had read the leaflet that came with it before I did this. My spot is deep in the shadows of a Leylandi tree and it doesn't get an awful lot of sun.
Sentence one of the leaflet "Make sure your composter is located in a sunny and warm area, this ensures the contents of the bin warm nicely and make good compost"  Oh Dear ( Well thats not what I really said but I don't know who is reading this). Time for  a cup of tea and a rethink. 
Suitably refreshed I started again, this time on the other side of the garden in another corner, but this time a sunny warm one. Luckily it wasn't quite so uneven on this side so 10 minutes later the bin was done again and starting to receive content. 
This time I had a quick look at the list of possible compostable items. Weeds was top of the list and as the plot has a fair few at the moment it was time to dig a some up. I had planned on hiring a rotivator once the hard work began, but full of enthusiasm I found my fork and off I went. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. The soil was nice and dry with small stones in it and each forkful was easily turned and shaken off the fork. Compared to digging in my old garden which was London Clay, it was a dream, no sticky gloppy mess to scrap of the fork each time. Before I knew it I had turned over a very large square and had a nice selection of weeds for the bin. 
Garden interlude over, I headed indoors and contemplated what to do next.
I decided to write this blog as a way of recording the Genesis of my new Garden. I hope that if you have taken the time to read it you will enjoy my story. I also hope that if any of you are gardeners and have experience at what I am trying to do you will share that with me. I look forward to your comments and suggestion as time passes and the bare earth starts to look a bit more like a proper vegetable patch. 

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