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Monday, 21 November 2011

Things are beginning to change

So its been a busy week in the garden but finally my plans are starting to come together. Last week was all about groundwork, and not in the veg patch, but in the main part of the garden.

As regular readers will have seen the lawn is beautiful and the beds either side also very pretty but it was all a bit featureless. we decided that as the garden was a sun trap pretty much all year round, a summerhouse would be the way ahead. Lots of research later the correct one was identified and ordered,

But now we needed a base. I always like to use local tradesmen so after a few calls one was lined up, sadly days before we were due to start he called to say he couldn't make it. Oh dear.... Luckily my brother a not so local builder was able to help out. Of course that meant I had also now become a boarding house proprietor for David and Pete.. 

Last Tuesday morning they arrived and began digging up our lovely lawn. to explain a little further, as we were having a base laid for a summer house, we decided it would be nice to have another patio laid alongside it and then while we were at it also lay a base for a shed next to the summerhouse. This should explain the rather odd shaped hole they are digging. 

Originally we had planned to use concrete paving slabs from a high street store, but once Dave became involved things changed. A couple of years ago he had worked on a building for a stone company near his home and he suggested that we go and look at their stuff.

Off we went and were very impressed, so the stone you see piled up at the side is actually Indian Sandstone and they is the same price as the concrete slabs. If you are ever in the market for pretty much anything made of stone have a look at; 

Work progressed quickly aided by numerous cups of tea and slices of cake!

By Thursday afternoon we had a beautiful patio and all that remained was for the concrete mixer lorry to arrive on Friday and it was done.

Now we just need the buildings to arrive and it will look great. Thanks Dave and Pete for a great job.

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