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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sweet Pea Special

Morning, a short blog today but filled with colour and scent, Although sadly you cant smell it.

I plant Sweet peas every year but usually the garden centre multi coloured unscented varieties. This year however, I was tempted by a sweet pea collection sold by my flower seed guru Ben at Higgledy Garden . The seeds arrived, four varieties Winston Churchill, Perfume Delight, Beaujolais, and Painted Lady. 

They grew pretty quickly and were out on one of my bamboo constructions as soon as possible. Thursday I noticed that there were buds on some of the plants and then yesterday, in the sunshine, the first opened. 

It can only be described as Glorious. 

This little beauty is a Perfume Delight, and whoever chose the name got it spot on. The smell coming from this tiny flower is amazing. I could smell it each time I passed by. By the end of the day in the sunshine, she was joined by others. 

and then I noticed another colour appearing, I think its a Beaujolais, ( I mixed them up and dont know whats what !) but hopefully with a bit of sunshine today, It will open.

Elsewhere is the garden the Potatoes also now have flowers. 

The Nasturtiums are out

and today I should get flowers on the Bee friendly seeds I got free from somewhere ( No idea where) 

If are interested in attracting bees to your garden, there is a very good list that tells you what you should plant here 

Thats it, the sun is out so off outside I go. 

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  1. We've only just planted our sweet peas and one of our varieties is Perfume Delight which we have grown for a few years but so far have never had the colour you have there.