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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Pea's again - but not sweet..

Last blog I wrote about my beautiful Perfume Delight sweet peas, Well this time its about the Garden Pea.. 

Last year I did a bit of research and thought I had bought the best yielding variety. They came to pretty much nothing. It may have been that the soil was too poor for them, or it could have been the awful weather, but I got basically one forkful of home grown peas.

This year, whilst shopping in a well known German discount supermarket, I noticed they were selling seeds for 49p per packet. Well after spending my entire seed budget on flowers, I was looking for some savings so purchased two packets of Meteor Peas. A bargain, less than a pound. 

In they went and they grew beautifully

Every seed I planted germinated. And it wasn't long before they took up residence on the Great Wall of Barton

Pretty quickly they came in to flower and the peas pods have been fattening nicely. 

So yesterday, I couldn't wait any longer, I wanted to see what was going on in these little pods. 

I picked a nice fat looking one and opened it up. 

Wow, beauties, Jim had the first try - His verdict "They taste Like Pea's." I think they could do with a few more days sunshine, to sweeten up a bit. This pod contains about as many peas as I got in the whole of last year, but the Great Wall is groaning under the weight of these little wonders. I must say I am very impressed and shall be buying my peas from the same place next year. 

A quick return to Sweet Peas. The next variety to come into bloom are the Beaujolais

They look wonderful next to the others, I am waiting now to see which comes next. They all have flower buds but the lack of sun over the last few days has slowed them down. 

The Arum Lilly has recovered from its very slow start and is covered in these

This California Poppy has appeared , I didn't plant any here so it must be a windblown seed. 

And on the Stream bank, there are finally flowers appearing amongst the tussocks of grass. 

Gibson is on top form as usual, he was snoring his head off when I took this picture, how can that be comfortable

And finally excitement is high, the TR6 arrives next week, this picture came yesterday, she is almost back in one piece. 

A busy fortnight ahead here, with visitors from all over the world, but will try and blog again soon. 

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  1. Our peas aren't doing great this year again! I guess some research is due!

    Californian poppies are notorious self seeders which can be good or can be bad depending on where they choose to appear!