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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tough Old Broad (Beans) !

My broad beans have been the only thing growing on the plot for the last couple of month so sorry if you are a bit bored with me going on about them. They have been glorious, covered in flowers, but sadly as there have been no pollinators about, nothing much has happened. 

Well the arrival of snow here, for one day last week caused me a bit of heartache, how will they be after it has cleared? 

They were well and truly buried as the picture in my last blog showed. By Tuesday, all of the snow here was gone and so off I went to see what the damage was. 

They were looking very sad, Lots of stems were broken off, or bent beyond saving.

 But amazingly, they are still flowering!!

A bit of clearing up and building was required to get them off the ground, in case it does snow again. 

I lost about a third of the stems, but hopefully now, as soon as some busy little bees turn up, I will finally get broad beans. 

In other plant news, the sprouts go on and on and on. We are about sprouted out. But luckily the dog loves them, so he has a bowl a couple of times a week. And in case you were wondering, yes, they do cause him to have wind!! 

I also noticed that my Rhubarb has started to come back. This is great news, as we didn't get to eat any last year as it was its first. Am looking forward to crumbles and rhubarb wine.

The hens didn't like the snow when it was falling and spent the day sitting in their house, but once it was on the ground, it gave them a whole new scratching experience. 

Gibson enjoyed a nice walk to Mudeford, but as it was a 9 mile round trip, he needed a bit of a rest for a while.. 

Out and about, we were watching the ITV sunday night series, Mr Selfridge, Which I don't think is that great, but there is generally nothing else on. I remembered that he had some links to this area as he lived in Highcliffe Castle for a while. A quick bit of googling and we discovered he was actually buried in St Marks Church in Highcliffe with his family, so last week whilst on one of our walks we went into the churchyard. 

We were looking for something impressive, After all, the store in Oxford Street, is just that, very impressive. All the big graves and tombs were searched but we couldn't find him, Then as I was walking along a row  by the wall, there he was. 

A very plain and unadorned grave in poor condition. What a shame. He is in the family plot, his wife and mother got something far grander, he obviously still had some money when they passed away. 

His mother is in the tomb on the left and his wife Rose next to her, don't know who the other two are as the names have been worn off the stone. 

And finally. This blog has been about my dream, a vegetable garden and the life that goes with it. Well this year, its my husbands turn. So I will be adding a few entries about his new project.

Meet Red 6

She is a 1970 Triumph TR6 who has sadly seen better days. Currently under major restoration she should be with us in April. I think this is going to be another wonderful year. I may have to change the name of the blog to

The Good Life - Absolutely!


  1. I find Mr Selfridge a bit boring too. I think when his wife and mother died he still had money but most was gone when he died which is maybe why his headstone is less impressive.

  2. Looks like an exciting year awaits Lorraine!

    I've never overwintered broad beans for fear of them not making it. I hope yours perk up. :)