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Saturday, 19 January 2013

A snowy day by the sea.

Yesterday we awoke to snow. Its a very rare thing down here on our little sheltered part of the south coast. Last year when the rest of the Uk was covered for weeks on end , we had about a dozen snow flakes that lasted for half an hour.  Having spent the previous couple of winters trying to get into London to work and driving on the M25, I felt a little cheated. 

So it was a delight to see again.Even more so as Gibson and the hens had never seen it and I was curious as to how they would react. 

The garden looked beautiful.

We had to clear the snow off the greenhouse roof in the late afternoon as it was getting deep and we didn't want it to crack the glass. This was taken earlier in the day when it was still not too deep. 

The beds were obviously buried and my previously glorious broad beans were suffering a bit. 

The hens were not at all impressed. They came out for a quick bite to eat and then spent most of the day in the Hen House. Cant say as I blame them. the run got covered very quickly and although I brushed it off a couple of time, I gave up in the end.

We wandered down to the beach to have a look, The salt in the air meant that the snow was a bit slushy on the ground but it was still pretty. 

And finally Gibson. Well he loves snow. It has been difficult to get a decent picture of him out in it as he is charging around and rolling in it most of the time. He did sit still briefly and Jim managed to get this picture. 

He enjoy's eating it as well.. 

Have a great week , we plan to. 


  1. Not much snow here yet but enough to mean we need to keep the bird feeders topped up!

  2. Guess what? I've never seen snow on a beach front before, it looks so weird, just never thought about it. It's been snowing down here in London but not madly today, but it looks like there is more on the cards for us. Your photos look so nice with that thick white coating. Hope the hens don't freeze to death, what happens to them if it gets any colder? Do you put them indoors? As always, love the garden and wish it was mine.

  3. Where are you? We live in Eastbourne, and had a dusting, but not much today

  4. Lorraine, your garden looks lovely in the snow. And the beach too. Pretty pictures! Poor hens though. I bet Gibson loved the snow! My dogs love snow too, running around in it and eating it just like Gibson. Love the look on his face. LOL!

  5. Hope those Broad Beans survive! It looks as if they were(are) pretty big for this time of year.