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Monday, 3 December 2012

Its December so it time for Sprouts!

The few things I have left growing in the plot have been tested this week. We finally had a frost. Not a very hard one, but hopefully enough to give my errant parsnips a bit of flavour. It also meant that we could finally sample the Brussel Sprouts. 

I planted them months ago, and they have been slowly growing and taunting me with there lovely little sprouts. So it was time to give them a try. 

Out I went and picked the plant with the biggest on it. A few minutes later, and they were in the trug and back in the kitchen.

A quick peel and they were ready to be steamed. 

They were absolutely delicious. We had them with some chicken and mashed potatoes. I have literally hundreds ready to be eaten, so we shall be enjoying them for some time. I have promised a few to friends for Christmas. 

Nothing much else is going on that I haven't already reported, so here are a few pictures of the frost on the plants. I love how it makes them look. 

Not everything has suffered though. My brave little Antirrhinum are still happily flowering. (They are in the shelter of the house) 

These come from seeds I originally bought at The Lost Gardens of Heligan about 10 years ago. I keep as many seeds as I can each year and don't think I will ever have to buy them again. 

I have also taken a lot of cutting from my Penstemon. They have taken very well, so I should have lots of them next year as well. 

Once the frost has cleared, the sun came out and so the hens took the opportunity of a nice dust bath under a yucca plant. 

They were closely supervised by the ever present Gibson. 

Well thats it. It looks like tomorrow is going to be a nice day. Cold but clear, so we shall be off on one of our adventures. Watch out for pictures next week. 

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  1. Penstemons seem so obliging where cuttings are concerned.

    We still have to pick some sprouts - being on the plot we usually cut the plant off at the root and bring the whole thing home. This way we hope that the sprouts stay fresh.