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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Gardening Gift Bonanza!!

Christmas has been and gone and its now only 363 shopping days until the next one!! This year by way of a change, when I was asked by relatives, what I would like as a gift, I was able to say "Something for the garden please" . Now I know that sounds vague, but they have all visited and have some Idea about what I am doing. I hoped they would come up with some good ideas. 

I was not disappointed. 

First box opened was this

An extremely handy heated waterproof pad to germinate my seeds on. And then the next parcel was this great Mushroom Growing Kit.

Jim was also in receipt of garden gifts. He got a very nifty pair of garden clogs. 

And finally from my lovely niece, this great egg storage box. 

Gibson thoroughly enjoyed his first christmas and he also got lots of gifts.. 

This sort of sums it up !!

I hope you all got great gifts. The best one I have heard about so far is one of my gardening friends, who got two sheep! She does live on a farm though. I don't think the neighbours would be impressed if I had a couple in the garden. 

Still no gardening news to report. The hens are considering entering the trials for the commonwealth games swimming events. They are getting better by the day. I think they will be as relieved as me when it finally stops raining. 

I have though cleaned and tidied the greenhouse in preparation for the seed growing which I will be starting on 1st January 2013. So hopefully not long before my vegetable growing adventures start again. 

Happy New Year and don't bother making any resolutions because you know you wont keep them . 

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