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Sunday, 1 July 2012

I think I am officially a proper gardener!

I say that because I am now wandering down the end of the garden each afternoon to get something for tea. I haven't bought vegetables at the supermarket for the past 6 days. I know the range is quite small at the moment but we are enjoying it. 

I left you last blog with a picture of the Broccoli I had picked that day. Well, we were out for dinner that night, but we ate it the next day. Also making an appearance for that dinner were the first Charlotte Potatoe's 

The plants looked nice and healthy and a quick rummage in the soil uncovered these little beauties. 

A quick wash and they were ready. I didn't peel these, the very small amount of skin they had came off when I washed them.

The Broccoli had 2 minutes in the microwave with a teaspoon of water to steam it. 

I boiled the charlottes and then crushed them with a masher, tossed them in olive oil and popped them in the oven for 30 minutes on 200. They came out beautifully crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. 

I can't believe I am responsible for growing everything on this plate so far..

Unfortunately my gardening skills do no include growing avocado's so the avocado mayonnaise and the chicken and bacon I used, to make the chicken tarragon burger came from Tesco's. I wonder if I keep one of the Avocado stones, if I will be able to grow it in the greenhouse. I will have to try that next time. 

The final dinner looked pretty good and tasted wonderful. 

We have had several more delicious broccoli heads since this first plate. The next day , I cut my first Rocket for our lunch time sandwiches. 

The few peas that I haves are also coming along nicely. I think the variety I bought was not really suited to my garden. I had lots of failed plants and the ones I did get are very small and very stunted but they seem to be growing nice pea pods so I will look forward to maybe, one dinner with home grown peas. 

If anyone uses a good heavy cropping pea variety I would love to know what it is called, so I can try something else next year. 

Today its the turn of the Spinach. I haven't been down to get it yet, but will take a picture when I do. Its going into a nice pasta sauce for tea. I only wish the numerous tomato's I have growing, would ripen up so they can go in the sauce as well. 

Things are looking positive on that front though. I planted three plants in a grow bag in the greenhouse and they are way ahead of the outside plants. One tomato looks particularly promising and may make it indoors later. 

I took this picture yesterday, its much redder today and the one below it is turning now as well. I may leave it a couple more day to make sure its nice and ripe, but the temptation to pick it is huge. Thats me and my lack of patience rearing its ugly head again!! 

The whole plot is looking lovely now. 

I really enjoy just being down at the end of the garden. I do though, have to make sure I am protected from mosquito's at all times. The stream next to our garden means they like hanging out in my veg patch. 

I carry a portable mosquito repeller at all times and am always covered in Avon's Skins so Soft Dry Oil Body Spray. I know it sounds mad but several people told me about it, and said it worked as a repellant as it has citronella in it. It seems to be working and I now have lovely smooth skin! what a good side effect of trying not to get bitten... 

The pets are all on good form as usual, no new pictures of them today. 

Finally, this weekend saw the Round The Island Race, a yacht race around the Isle of Wight which this year had 1400 entrants. We were told it would be a good thing to see. First boats were away at 0700 and would get to our beach at about 0745, so we decided to get up and go. So 0615 yesterday morning we were up, picnic breakfast packed, reluctant dog dragged from his bed and down we went to the beach. 

Sadly it was not a very sunny morning and the wind was very strong (good for yachts) but we stuck to it and saw the most amazing boats racing past. 

Here are a few pictures Jim took ... 

Thats it for now, going to have a cup of tea and contemplate the week ahead.. 


  1. We never peel our home grown potatoes as for peas it may not be the variety more the weather conditions as our peas are poor this year too.

    The kitchen garden looks lovely so it's a shame about the mosquitoes.

    I'm covered in ant bites not from the garden but yesterday when we were out. I kept feeling a nip following by a stinging feeling and when I investigated found an ant up my trouser leg. Just one ant and my leg is covered with ugly red patches from top to bottom. The ant even managed the odd pinch on my other leg too!

    1. Ouch.. that sounds painful. Gardening is a dangerous pastime!

    2. I wasn't even gardening though - they are going through the itchy stage with one developing a big blister. I counted 20 on one leg!

  2. Congrats, must be very satisfying to grow your own dinner! As for the chicken / bacon tarragon burger; eggs - check, tarragon - check, chicken - ah, were the girls looking nervous at all? and you could turn the summerhouse into a home for a pinky perky! x

    1. I want a pig but its complicated you have to get a license and they make a lot of mess!!

  3. I bet that yacht race was spectacular! I love your potatoes. I think I need to try them next year. Thanks for sharing your garden with me.