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Friday, 25 May 2012

Someone likes my Sprouts

After the visit from my guest blogger Niki last weekend and a few days of Kayaking with my family its back to business as usual. 

I was carrying out my normal morning inspection last friday, dressed appropriately for the occasion in dressing gown and wellies, (I think my neighbours must think I am bonkers) suddenly  I was stopped in my tracks. The previous evening my two rows of brussels sprouts had been blowing jauntily in a gentle breeze, now I was looking at a row of stalks. Something with wings, either a bird or a bug had been feasting in the previous 12 hours. 

And worse news, my broccoli had suffered the same fate. How could so much damage be done in such a short time. 

Luckily I had spare plants so it wasn't long before those that were worst damaged were replaced

Next on the list of things to be planted was my Savoy  cabbage. I had been on a trip to the local garden centre a few days previous and noticed these rather nifty little collars which apparently protect the cabbages. 

The first row went in next to the sprouts. 

Then each plant acquired a collar

And finally to keep the flying things away another enviromesh tunnel.

Now to save the Broccoli, once again I had some extra plants so they were soon in, and there was room for another row of something else. Kos Lettuce was chosen.

As the lettuce was going in alongside already decimated broccoli, pak choi, and two rows of carrots I decided to try and ensure the plants were not going to become the dish of the day for another winged creature, so I planted a whole pot of marigold seedlings around all of the plants. 

Then in true Blue Peter fashion I constructed a frame from garden wire, bits of wood, bamboo canes and some of my poly tunnel poles. 

Lastly a quick wrestle with a very large piece of enviromesh and it was finished. Its been up for a week and I am still waiting for my Blue Peter Badge in the post!

So now I have a sea of white rather than the sea of green I was looking forward too, but at least the plants are safe. 

The observant of you may have noticed the date at the top of this post is Monday 21st May. Well thats when I started it, but its now friday 25th May. Its been a very busy week here with lots of family members staying. We try and do something together as a large group every year and this time it was Kayaking . Luckily one of our number lives with a very talented chap who runs a company with his friend called New Forest Activities we have had a glourious three days in the sunshine on rivers and in the sea. I can seriously recommend them if you are in the market for that type of activity. 

I digressed slightly. Now you should  understand why. The imminent arrival of all these relatives meant the rest of the garden needed a bit of attention and some new bits and pieces. First the front of the house needed to be a bit more welcoming so a trip to another local nursery saw us come home with some beautiful hanging baskets. 

Then in the back, we needed more places for people to sit and relax. I have always liked outdoor sofas, so quite a lot of research later we located an ebay shop that had what we wanted. Even better, their warehouse was only a 20 minute drive away and a quick phone call meant that later that day, we were in day glow jackets in the warehouse, testing the sofa before we bought it! 

Purchase made they delivered the following day.

I was very pleased with the end result and having now used it for the last 3 days, I must say its been brilliant. Very comfortable and extremely sociable.

To close, its back to the animals. The chickens are allowed out a couple of times a week now but only in a penned area, The damage was too extensive. They like a dust bath under their favourite bush and the other day I saw Gibson watching them intently through the bars, whilst they had a quick dust and brush up!

All out guests have now departed, so tomorrow its back to the vegetables for me, with all this sunshine, the stuff left in the greenhouse has gone mad and needs to be in the beds, so a busy weekend ahead. 

Happy weekend, I hope its hot and sunny wherever you are.


  1. I guess you have wood pigeons as it's a bit early for caterpillars! We cover our brassicas with bird proof netting.

    The outdoot furniture looks very swish!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, we work hard to keep it nice but its worth it..

  3. That furniture looks wonderful. I have added some seating areas to my garden too, for nice social moments. It makes it easy to enjoy the conversation when it has a great view!

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