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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Anyone for Lettuce

Just a quick post this morning. Yesterday turned out to be a glorious day, at one point I had to leave the greenhouse for a while as I was too hot. The scale was showing 136 degrees! 

My Cos Lettuce is now at the point where I should think about putting it outside. Its still too early! My Fault I planted too many seeds and a few weeks too soon. Over enthusiastic! 

I need to keep them healthy for another 2 weeks and then they should be OK to go out . Same problem with the herbs.

I have kept  a planting diary which I plan to use next year to make sure that I get stuff ready at the right time. I was desperate to use the greenhouse and plant things so if it said April on the packet it was in on the 1st of the month. Maybe mid april would have been more sensible! 

Of course the joy of Herbs and Lettuce is that they do grow so quickly and I shall sow more seeds later to make sure I have the best plants ready to go outside.

Lots of other things are coming to life outside at the other end of the garden,  so here is a selection.

I had a bit of a shock yesterday afternoon. No pictures as it all happened so quickly - I had gone in to get a cup of tea (and a bit of cake) which  planned to enjoy in the sunshine. As I walked past the open greenhouse I saw one of the local pidgeon's was inside! He/She was trying to get into the sack of corn I keep there for the chickens. 

Now this is a smart bird. He/She has been hanging around for days and whenever the chickens knock over the corn pot on the lawn He/She is straight in to snatch some. It had obviously been stalking me and now knew where I kept it, at the first opportunity it was in! 

It saw me and panicked, pots were getting knocked over and it landed in my tray of spinach and was digging up the little plants with its feet. So I panicked, my plants! I spent ages trying to grow them and now a bird was spoiling it. 

As I ran into the greenhouse, the bird flew up into the air and hit the glass roof, puffs of feathers started to rain down on me. After 4 hits it was obviously winded and so sat stunned on the worktop. OK I thought, I can catch a chicken, I must be able to catch a pigeon. It happened so quickly, I caught hold of the bird which fought me and flapped its wings in my face but I managed to turn and sling it straight out of the open door! It flew off and I just stood there stunned literally spitting feather's. The whole incident lasted about a minute and I am sure looked hilarious but I know now in future to keep the corn out of sight! 

As a follow up to this story, I was wandering down the garden this morning to let the chickens out and was buzzed by a very low flying pidgeon, so much so I had to duck! I think He/She has declared war. 

Doggy news. He's in disgrace, or he was for about 2 minutes. Gibson has watched me outside and has decided he is also a gardener, so he likes to dig. Unfortunately he has yet to learn to wipe his feet!

How can you stay cross with this! 

And finally quite off subject but very pretty, yesterday at our beach there were some men Paragliding along the cliff edge. It looked very serene. I think I fancy a go.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. And pigeons are supposed to have very small brains. WE get small birds in the greenhouse but have had nothing this size. With small birds if you can manage to throw a cloth over them they calm down and you can pick them up. Never had to wrestle a pigeon - it would be the claws that would worry me.

  2. Lorraine 1 - Pidgeon 0, watch this space!

  3. I can't believe your Arum Lliy is out already, looks beautiful, mine have barely got green shoots. But then my daffs were out late as were my tulips, only herbs I've got are mint, golden sage & rosemary. The first & last can look after them selves pretty much but the sage is looking a bit forlorn in this rain. Looking forward to see it all for real soon x

  4. Hello there,
    By chance I happened upon your blog and enjoyed your gardening and pigeon tale. I'm not a great gardener; the most I have in my flat is a few herb pots on the wondow sill. However I shall vicariously watch and learn.

    1. Hi Celia,

      I am not a great gardener either, just learning,its all trial and error but I am glad you enjoy reading my Stories.

      Thanks for dropping by


  5. Hi Lorraine! I've been tagged - and I'm tagging you! It's a fun way to poke around and find new blogs, if you would life to participate! Check it all out here:

  6. Your blog is a great read! Love the photos and Gibson is such a beauty.