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Friday, 20 October 2017

October and its all about the Chrysanthemums

I am lucky enough to have had a wonderful holiday in Florida in the last couple of weeks. Before I went, the weather was ok but it seemed that the garden was running out of steam. There were lots of buds but I was not expecting much to happen. 

How wrong was I, very early this year, I actually thought about making sure I had flowers to cover all of the year if possible, and after a bit of research decided Chrysanthemums were the flower for me. Despite the fact that they are a supermarket staple, I still like them, always cheery and colourful. I found a great supplier and bought a lovely selection of late flowering plants. They have been pretty scruffy all summer and very straggly, I didn't hold out much hope for them. 

Wrong again. They are now flowering and they are glorious. 

I particularly like this one, its called Dance Pearl and is a very unusual shape

This one is called Chempak Rose

There is still one more very exotic one to flower, it has buds so I am hopeful I will certainly be buying more in the spring to fill the bed. If you are interested I got them from .

Elsewhere a lot of the old favourites are still flowering away

Looks like I will be cutting for a while yet. And finally in other news my friend has recently got a new puppy.  She is very sweet and named Fable but is not exactly your usual ball of fluff as you would expect with a 12 week old dog. She is huge... in fact already as tall as Gibson. Its going to be amazing and slightly scary watching her grow as she is a Deer Hound and will end up standing about three feet at her shoulder.

Have a great day

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  1. I’m hoping for some chrysanthemum flowers on the next plot visit. Ours all started life as potmums.