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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Tarting up the Bed..

I have a very old friend who I don't see as often as I would like, who has a penchant for a tarted up bed. She does it by covering the said bed in literally dozens of cushions. Whenever I stay, I have to allow an extra 5 minutes at bedtime to remove all the cushions before I can get in. Next morning I have to try and put the puzzle back together again.. You know who you are.

Anyway today I finally got around to tarting up my new raised bed. In a recent blog, I mentioned that for my birthday Jim had bought me a rather nice new raised bed from Harrod Horticultural to replace one of mine that was rotten. At the same time he also got me a cover for the bed to keep away creepy crawlies and flying bugs. 

The instructions looked pretty straightforward so we set about putting it together

Basically you attach the bracket to the inside of the raised bed and then push the hoops onto them to support the cover. 

All told it took us about an hour to get the job done and that was after a complete restart when the first attempt was not low enough to allow the cover to touch the soil. 

We put the cover over just to make sure it fitted and then took it off again, as at the moment, I have Hesperis ready to flower in this bed and I don't want them covered. Once they are finished I shall remove them and they will be replaced with Kale and Spinach. 

I am really looking forward to seeing how it works out. The sides have zipped covers which you can open to allow in air on hot days and there is also a net mesh which can also be unzipped. Hopefully this year I wont lose my Kale to caterpillars .

In other news, the autumn sown flowers in the greenhouse are looking great. 

And because I have no patience and simply can't wait any longer, I have started sowing a few more seeds. 

And to finish off, no new photos of Gibson this week so heres an old one, a visit to the pub. Have great week.


  1. How many more birthdays will it take for you to replace all your raised beds in the same way :-). I think you are teaching Gibson some bad habits!

    1. Haha it will take a lot of years but am planning on changing them all gradually..