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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

This morning in the garden

Time is flying by and the sun has been shining. The garden is coming to life again and flowers are bursting out everywhere.. I don't have a lot to write about so I shall let the pictures tell a tale. 

All growing nicely

Plenty of potato's

Beans that will grow to the top of the poles this time!

Broad Beans

Still waiting for a space in the borders

Tomato, Aubergine, Cucumber, Chiiles, Red Peppers and Cape Gooseberries

One of the 3 new Hawthornes

Year 3 still no flowers on the Wisteria


Lupins I grew from seeds of wild plants on our beach

Another Allium

No idea what it is but its pretty 


Cornflower - Black Ball 

A more traditional blue Cornflower

Calendula - Art Shades

Knautia - Melton Pastel

Another Knautia


More Lupins 

More Calendula

Dew covered Camelia leaves

The coolest dog around!! 

Finally my plant sale raised £225 for Oakhaven Hospice which I was very pleased with . Thats it for now, hopefully next time I will have something to tell you .. 


  1. You have been busy, would you like to do my Garden as well

  2. Awesome update Lorraine thank you for sharing have a blessed afternoon

  3. I just posted photos of the plot too today.

  4. Wonderful! You will have quite the bounty this summer. Your dog is gorgeous!

  5. That's a fine selection of flowers and veg. Nice photos too. I like the one with the Bee homing in on the Lupin.

  6. Love the chive blossoms. Mine are just about to bloom.

  7. I planted lupines this year for my butterfly garden. I love the way the leaves have that star-shaped growth. Mine aren't flowering yet, but they look pretty good. I think mine are supposed to be purple. :)

    1. The lupin in my garden are from seeds of wild plants which grow on the cliffs near our home. The seeds were planted two years ago and this is the first time they have flowered

  8. when did you plant your foxgloves?

    1. They self seeded so must have been 2012 as they are bi annual :)

  9. Oooohh. I just love seeing everything so green and lush. We are just planting the garden and greening up here. Love the photo of the Lab too with its crossed paws. We have a yellow Lab.

  10. Very beautiful garden and lovely blooms.