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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Viva Espana

I have gone a bit continental this week, well I did for 4 days. A flying visit to see my dad in Spain meant that I have spent very little time in the garden. I have though managed to rustle up a few bits and pieces for a post. (I can hear you groaning) . 

Every gardening publication or website I have looked at in the last few weeks was telling me to get on with planting next year sweet peas.  I mentioned in my last post I had ordered the seeds and bought some fancy planting thingies to put them in, so before I headed to the most boring airport in the world (Bournemouth), to join in the scrum for a seat on a Ryan Air flight to the Costa Blanca, I decided I had better get the job done. 

The root trainers looked like clever contraptions. They allow you to grow a nice compact root system that will not be disturbed. The containers open like a book so you can just ease the whole plant out. As the pack says, it also allows you to check the root growth at any time. 

They were a bit fiddly, but were soon all in the rack. 

Then it was simply a matter of filling them, which was also rather fiddly, as most of the compost went straight through and out the bottom!! But eventually I managed to get them full.

and then pop the seeds in. Now I had to be careful as I had loads of different varieties, and regular readers will be aware that I have had issues with mislabelled plants this summer.. 

One of the rows was planted using seeds I collected from this years Beaujolais sweet peas

To ensure I know what is what, each row was numbered and then I made a list in my planting book. I am  going to post a picture here, so if I lose the list or the book before next summer, I have some hope of knowing what I actually planted.. 

I also remembered to record what was in each row of the flower patch , so that in the spring when the labels have been nicked by squirrels or birds, I still stand a chance. 

Well that was the sum of my gardening activities this week. Not really much, so while I was away in Spain,  I took a few pictures of some beautiful flowers that were just growing in random places, mostly abandoned building sites and in cracks in pavements!! 

I think a couple are various Hibiscus and the 2nd pale pink one is an Oleander. 

So yesterday before my return fight for a seat, I had a wonderful lunch with my dad overlooking his local beach. 

This is La Zenia beach and this was my lunch

Russian salad, marinated mussels, Anchovies in garlic oil and small squid fried in spicy batter . YUM

Finally today, I had a wander around the garden and managed to scrounge together enough flowers for my last three vases of home grown blooms of the season. 

Have  great week and a very Happy Birthday to my oldest friend Diane. 


  1. Lovely post Lorraine and many thanks for sharing

  2. We and three nights in Somerset. Not really the same as a Costa but we did visit Costa coffee on the motorway and the weather was lovely.

    Must admit I always sow my sweet peas in spring.

    1. I always have as well, but thought it wouldnt hurt to try some now and see if they flower a bit earlier..

  3. Nice blog, I should pick more flowers for the house but cannot bring myself to do it.

  4. Your temping me Lorraine to have a go still waiting for sides of green house to go on but could leave them in cold frame or put a small pot in my potting shed ?

    1. The potting shed should be fine, on the windowsill. My greenhouse is not heated so they will be on there own overwinter

  5. Lovely post! We have a white hibiscus by our side window. You did a great job still filling 3 vases of flowers!! Wonder what was in the Russian salad? Looks all yummy:)

    1. Russian salad is a big dish oddly in Spain!! there are lots of variations but this recipe is about the best. The one you are looking at is slightly different to this as they mash the potato..

  6. Wow great tour, I loved the food and wish I could somehow take a cyber sample, looks amazing!

  7. What a clever planter. I've not seen one like that. And what a delicious looking lunch!

  8. Wonderfully composed photos. Love them!

  9. Nice trip, food, flowers, sun,

    Have a nice day, greeting from Belgium
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