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Friday, 14 September 2012

Under attack again!

Once again my poor vegetables have come under attack. In my last post I explained how I had planted out my Kale under the super de dooper new ready made net thingy.. Well fat lot of good that did. 

A quick inspection two days later revealed this..

Decimated .. Again!!!!! 

So with another load of plants to put out which included Offenham Cabbages and Pixie cabbages, I knew I was once again going to have to do battle with the enviromesh. This is no mean feat as it can get particularly windy in our garden even on calmer days... So the plants went in. 

and the cabbages and remaining Kale were covered over.. 

Its been out for 4 days now and so far only a few tiny nibbles on some of the plants, so keeping everything crossed. 

My other cabbages, the Savoys, that I planted in the spring are getting huge. I have them in two spots, but one row was looking decidedly under the weather.. 

They had been undercover, so it must be attack from the ground rather than the air. A quick inspection and the cause was found... 

Snails!! Huge snails, they have been feeding well. And lots of them. I decided that the best way to get rid of them and all the damaged leaves was simply to cut them off and hope that the cabbages carried on growing. 

They looked a bit naked when I had finished but no snails.

I had to remove three altogether as they were rotting, so I popped some of my new ones in the spaces, just so as not to waste any space. 

And then went back under cover, once again they are still ok at the moment.. 

I also planted out some Chioggia Beets

Which should look like this if they grow. 

Nothing much else going on in the veg department, its that time of year where stuff is finishing and I am still waiting for the winter crops. 

The flowers are still beautiful 


and Sweet Peas

Out and about this week we have been walking in the forest around Beaulieu and its starting to get a bit Autumnal and very pretty..

We walked along the source of the of the Beaulieu river and saw this beautiful scene, Very English I think you will agree.

Lots of other beautiful things to see in the forest. 

Every time I walk, I keep waiting for Robin Hood and his Merry Men to jump out on us, I know its the wrong forest but its a nice little daydream.. 

There are lots of woodpiles at the moment and Gibson quite likes them. 

and on one of them was this amazing patch of Lichen

And finally minding his own business was this beautiful caterpillar. 

Enjoy the weekend.. we shall. 


  1. I like to stop off at Hatchet Pond when I'm in the area and do some botanising and then call in at Fairweather's to check out the plants.

    1. Its a beautiful pond, always people having fun in and around it. Every time we pass it my husbands says "I must get a boat"!!

  2. Pests come in all shapes and sizes, don't they? *sigh*

  3. Have you used any slug defences, Lorraine? I'll be interested to know what your chioggia beetroots actually look like.

  4. It was nice of you to feed the neighborhood slugs. lol. I really like those astors and your forest pictures.

  5. I know I am partially sighted Lorraine but is Gibson really in the third woodpile picture as I honestly can't see him!!!

    1. Dont worry Maggi your not going mad, hes not in that picture, it was just nice wood!!