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Sunday, 30 October 2011

So, what size should it be?

The greenhouse of course. Having alway had a tiny garden I was thinking 6 x 4 would do it so on a recent sunny afternoon we headed to the end of the garden with a ball of string and four bamboo canes to mark it out. 
I had spent the previous week watching the way the sun moved around across the day to work out the best position for the said building to be erected. 
I headed to the chosen spot and started to mark out where the greenhouse would go. 6 x 4 was obviously not big enough. After several enlargements I decided that a 10 x 8 would be the perfect size for me. So next step pick a greenhouse.
Internet research was helpful but it doesn't beat seeing it for real, completely by accident we stumbled upon an excellent outdoor building company, only a few miles from home. They had a great selection of greenhouses and I set my heart on a rather fancy green number. A trip to the sales office revealed that a coat of green enamel would mean a 6 - 8 week wait and an extra £400 on the total cost, so the plain aluminum it is then. The order was placed and now we wait for it to be delivered, sometime soon I hope. I have such big plans, a nice comfy chair, a radio and a kettle feature, alongside the plants I hope to grow. 
So that you can start to imagine what it will look like with me, below are a picture of the green house I have bought and the plot with the position of the greenhouse marked out. 

and this is where its going

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